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Chicken Wings and Drumsticks

Wings Please

Wing Flavors

Buffalo image


Full flavor, creamy, & just the right amount of spice.


BBQ image


Classic BBQ.


Mango Habanero image

Mango Habanero

Bold pepper sauce & the sweet zing of mango.


Strawberry Hot image

Strawberry Hot

Heat with a sweet strawberry glaze.


Honey Mustard image

Honey Mustard

Traditional Honey Mustard.


Ranch image


Dry ranch rub. Perfect for dipping.


House Sides

House Queso Fries image

House Queso Fries

White queso & bacon.


House Mac & Cheese image

House Mac & Cheese

Macaroni with bacon in creamy white queso.



Carrots & Celery image

Carrots & Celery


Corn Tortilla Chips image

Corn Tortilla Chips


Dipping Sauces

Bleu Cheese Dip image

Bleu Cheese Dip


House Extra Hot Salsa image

House Extra Hot Salsa


House White Queso Dip image

House White Queso Dip


Ranch Dip image

Ranch Dip


Creamy Chorizo Bean Dip image

Creamy Chorizo Bean Dip

Mexican sausage, beans, & queso.



2 Churros image

2 Churros

Baked fresh with cinnamon and sugar.


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